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Aging Cobwebs compound 사용법좀 가르쳐주세요.

Download: <<<XSI에 드레그앤 드롭하세요

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와~ 신기한 기능이네요. (XSI유저가 아니라 답은 못드려서 아쉽...)

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사용법이 홈피에 있네요


0. edit the two script, so that the Path Cmpnd_Path points to the right directory of the xsi_compounds (take care of the slashes and remember the slash at the end of the path)

wrong: Cmpnd_Path="D:\stuff\xsi_compounds"
right: Cmpnd_Path="D:/stuff/xsi_compounds/"

1. select two objects (The objects must not be under a model except Scene_Root (although beeing in a normal hierarchy is fine of course))
2. copy the code of in the Script Editor (its
a python script, so change the dropdown menu accordingly)
3. run the script

4.after running without errors you should find a new NULL-Node "spiderweb_"...where you can find a custom attribute set in (the small c), double click on it to open the attribute interface
5. now paint on the weightmaps of the objects (each one with hotkey w)

With playing around with the attributes you should find you way from there...hopefully.

Some tips for the attributes:
num_particles1 + num_particles2 should be as low as possible.
num_minors should be as low as possible.
Especially num_minors will influence the number of faces of your mesh
later (when exporting to maya)
Very import for strands going all over the place is minors_MaxLen.
Play with it first.
Those are the main attributes, the rest is for details.

To render it in Maya you have to export it as alembic. To do so you
have to convert it to a mesh first.
For that run the while selecting pcMinors_v* and
Dont do this for the other hidden strands.
Now you should have meshes for the strands you can export.
Unfortunately in Softimage this is not implemented natively.
You could use Exocortex for example, which I used. But there are other
plugins around as far as I know.

위의 설명대로 하시면 됩니다.

대개는 그냥 화면에 드래그앤 드롭으로 자동 설치됩니다만 가끔 Add on을 통해서 설치하는 경우가 있습니다.

이 경우엔 단순한 아이스 컴파운드이기 때문에 드래그 앤 드롭으로 안되면 아이스 트리 창에서 Import Compound를해서 불러오는 방법이 있으니 확인해보세요


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